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Helping MedTech companies expand in Europe & MENA

Murat Celebi is meeting innovative MedTech companies at CIRSE2019 – is international expansion in your strategy?

Murat Celebi, Clinical Marketing Director, is in Barcelona on the 9th and 10th of September at CIRSE2019, meeting established clients as well as MedTech companies looking to expand internationally.

Whether you are an established player in your own country or a growing startup, going international can seem a big step.

The temptation is to postpone the move abroad until ‘the time is right’ – but this is likely to be too late.

It is common for companies to develop similar products in different countries without realising they are competitors, seeing their product as unique, though they both solve similar customer problems. This means that the company that expands first, even if they are not quite ready, is likely to sweep away their competitor.

Marketing in-country early, moving quickly, using experienced advisors to solve regulatory and logistics problems, all of these factors will bring success. Waiting for the perfect time will see your company left behind.

Contrary to popular belief, foreign expansion is cheaper and easier than most entrepreneurs think. If you don’t believe this, get in touch with Murat find out how we can help you expand into Europe and the Middle East/North Africa regions without slowing down your growth at home.

To speak to Murat direct, call +44 (0)7821-701014 or send us an email to arrange a call at your convenience.